About Us

Ganicco Farm

Ganicco Farm originated from its owner’s desire to provide their own children with safe and trustworthy pesticide-free vegetables. The project began with a farm that cultivated melons and organic salad greens, free from toxic substances and chemicals. They grew various produce such as cherry tomatoes, habanero peppers, sweet corn, blackberries, and man other fruits and vegetables.

We Are What We Eat

Organic TOMATO

Ganicco Farm has two varieties of tomatoes: Solarino, which has a long, slender fruit with a thick, crisp peel, sweet taste, and is easy to eat, and Mini Sun Cherry, which has a round, small fruit, thin peel, and a sweet and sour taste. Organically grown Making it popular among mothers and children. With a sweet taste, easy to eat. Can be eaten as fruit instead.


Ganicco Farm is well-known for cultivating premium Japanese melons of two varieties: Orange Crunch, known for its crispy texture and sweet orange flesh, and Green Chiffon, known for its soft and juicy green flesh.

Cafe & Bistro

Ganicco has opened a homely-style cafe.
The cafe is situated in a large White House surrounded by lush green gardens, giving the feeling of being in the countryside, despite the hot weather. The extensive greenery provides a cool and comfortable atmosphere, and there are also outdoor seating areas in the garden, perfect for relaxing and taking unique photos.

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